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Anchor Point Installation
Fall Arrest Systems

Anchor points can be some of the most useful, cost effective and important parts of a successful height safety system. It’s therefore necessary to have your anchor point installation completed by a fully certified and experienced professional who’s able to complete the job at the highest standard. At Proactive Safety, we complete anchor point installation as part of our comprehensive height safety system design and installation process.

Why install anchor points on your building?

Anchor points are ideally suited to personnel working at heights utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection system. Anchor points provide safe access for roof and gutter maintenance, servicing of roof mounted plant/equipment and other minor work at heights. They are particularly useful in circumstances where work needs to be completed near an unprotected edge.

Many of our fall arrest anchors utilise uniquely patented energy absorbing technology which, in the event of a fall, greatly reduces the impact to both user and structure. Rigorous testing, including static load and dynamic load tests are undertaken to ensure product integrity. All anchor points are batch tested and serial numbered, providing full traceability and ensuring complete peace of mind.

Roof safety anchor points

Our roof anchor installation services are available for a wide range of properties and property owners. Roof anchors can be installed on most facades including metal, concrete and tiled roofs.

Some of the jobs that can benefit from the use of roof anchors include:

  • Roof maintenance
  • Gutter maintenance
  • High rise painting
  • Concrete repair
  • Sign installation
  • Window cleaning and repair

Why Proactive Safety?

The team of height safety experts at Proactive Safety are fully certified, insured and experienced in all areas of height safety. We recognise that getting anchor point installation right is absolutely essential for the safety of your workers.

In addition to providing anchor point installation, we also offer full height safety system design and installation services, as well as audits, inspections, reporting, recertification and maintenance. Our extensive range of services allows us to partner with businesses, handling every aspect of their height safety situation with expertise and confidence.

We are also backed by some of the best height safety equipment suppliers in Australia, so you can be confident that your product is both installed and manufactured at the highest quality.

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