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Height Safety Equipment | Fall Protection

Proactive Safety works with a wide range of high-quality height safety equipment from some of the leading suppliers in Australia. When we work with you on designing your height safety system, we can recommend the right equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Anchor Points

Anchor points are ideally suited to personnel working at heights utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection system. Anchor points provide safe access for roof and gutter maintenance, servicing of roof mounted plant/equipment and other minor work at heights. Many of our fall arrest anchors utilise uniquely patented energy absorbing technology which, in the event of a fall, greatly reduces the impact to both user and structure. Rigorous testing, including static load and dynamic load tests are undertaken to ensure product integrity. All anchor points are batch tested and serial numbered providing full traceability and ensuring complete peace of mind.

Some of the benefits of our roof anchor points include:

  • Simple retrofit design, fall arrest rated
  • Cost effective, low visual appearance
  • Advanced energy absorbing properties
  • Simple installation & low-profile system

Static Lines

Static lines provide continuous attachment and ensure safe, effective access and fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas. Static Lines are a permanent fall arrest system suitable for multiple users. They incorporate low-profile, high-quality componentry which can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications using the required system traveller and are engineered with high-grade stainless steel for durability. Static Line systems are manufactured to endure long-term outdoor use and are suitable for mounting to many profiles without the requirement of additional structures.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Fall arrest rated, multiple user capability
  • Advanced energy absorbing properties
  • Continuous attachment using the Pilot Traveller
  • Stainless steel construction

Roof Ladders

Roof ladders provide safe and stable access to the tops of buildings, minimising risk for workers. Our roof ladders are robotically welded with heigh-grade aluminium, making them lightweight while still being robust. They’re also available in a number of sizes with various addons such as cages and platforms, to suit virtually any building. 

Benefits of our roof ladders include: 

  • Lightweight, high-strength aluminium construction 
  • Highly durable 
  • Available in various sizes and designs 
  • Designed & installed in line with Australian standards 

Guardrails & Walkways

Permanent and controlled access, guardrails and walkways offer the highest level of safety for employees and contractors working at heights. Guardrails provide a continuous and effective barrier protection system across all elevated surfaces. Manufactured with high-grade aluminium, Guardrails can be utilised on any roof surface with permanent or fold down options available to suit aesthetic requirements.

On-Trak Walkway, with its advanced non-slip surface, can be easily incorporated with the TrakTite nonpenetrating clip. The lightweight, UV inhibited and maintenance free walkway is manufactured in ‘safety yellow’ for high visibility or ‘grey’ to minimise visual impact.

Some benefits of our guardrails and walkways include:

  • Simple & quick on-site installation
  • Prefabricated, modular & maintenance free
  • Cost effective & noncorrosive roof deck protection
  • No fall arrest PPE or harnesses required

Step Ladders, Stairs & Platforms

Purpose designed, built and fabricated Step Ladders, Stairs and Platforms provide the highest level of safe and easy access to varied height applications for maintenance crews to service platforms, machinery, roof decks and other maintenance areas. All Step Ladders are 150kg industrial rated, incorporate two handrails for maximum support and are designed with corrugated profile grooves for anti-slip protection in wet conditions. Step Ladders are fabricated to suit your specific site requirements.

Some of the benefits of our step ladders, stairs and platforms include:

  • Easy access and high level of safety
  • Purpose designed & built to suit required application
  • Modular design for simple on-site delivery & assembly
  • Lightweight, robust aluminium construction

Roof Access Hatches

Where safe, access/egress to the roof for maintenance is gained internally. Skydore Roof Access Hatches are available in a lift & tilt or sliding options, are robust and include internal locking capabilities. Skydore Roof Access Hatches are manufactured from Aluminium and Zincalume and are available in various sizes to meet all requirements. The option for powder coating is also available.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of installation & low profile
  • Gas strut assisted lid suits high frequency usage
  • Slide format functions safely in windy/extreme conditions
  • Robust, high strength construction
  • Standard and custom sizes available

Rail Systems

Raptor Overhead Rail is a fall arrest and abseil system suitable for multiple users, providing continuous and effective fall protection used above a work area and for facade access for general maintenance and cleaning requirements.

The Raptor Groove system provides a series of tracks located in various strategic directions designed to allow access to the ceiling lighting system without having to gain entry from the areas below, ensuring floors remain free of maintenance personnel and access equipment. Its unobtrusive design makes it a popular choice for projects where aesthetic appeal is crucial.

The benefits of our rail systems include:

  • Uninterrupted, smooth functionality
  • Minimal deflection in rail system, in the event of a fall
  • Increased number of users per rail system
  • Neat & unobtrusive, with an option for powder coating

Harness Gear and Accessories

A fall arrest harness and lanyard system is designed to limit the travel of the operator when approaching a fall edge by varying the adjustable rope-line length, allowing safe access within the danger zone. Edge Harness systems include an approved energy absorber which will reduce the impact in the event of a fall. Edge harness gear and accessories are compatible with any anchorage system designed for fall arrest use and deliver a compliant and safe solution for maintenance personnel working in a fall hazard zone.

Benefits include:

  • Fully adjustable & easily fitted to suit user
  • Standards approved harnesses & accessories
  • Application suited harness gear available
  • Lockable harness cabinets for controlled storage

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